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Not so today. The convenience of "set it and forget it" is now trumped by the more labor intensive but productive SEM options.

Advertising in Yellow Pages, on or offline, is not a branding exercise. It is purely lead generation.

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So, it is not hard to understand what your own ROI is for this marketing initiative, or at the very least where your break-even point is for each campaign:. That is more than one call a day from your Yellow Page ad, in this example. People especially older demographics do still reach for the printed Yellow Pages when they need a local business in a hurry.

Yellow Pages Might Be Scamming Your Business Out of Hard Earned $

For instance, plumbers should think hard before they ditch their local phone books. The question at hand is why so few and is there a way for search providers to tap into this seemingly huge market opportunity. To them, online advertising has not made a whole lot of sense. These are the key dilemmas presently facing the key personnel in interactive local media. Search engines like Yahoo! The options for search engines seem to be to either partner with existing Internet yellow pages IYPs to take advantage of both their salesforces and their extensive existing local listings or to buy an existing salesforce and build their own localized listings database.

Then there is the question of how will the online local ad buy actually be structured? Buying ads on Google, with its self-service interface and cost-per-click model, is a very different kind of buy than those offered by the IYPs, which gives the advertiser little day-to-day control over their campaign, the length of commitment and their spend.

Localized Search – The Future of Internet Yellow Pages

What will the future localized online search product be exactly? This can be disadvantageous for advertisers if consumers begin realizing that certain advertisers are missing from the Yellow Pages.

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  • The consumer may increasingly rely upon the Internet to search for businesses. Today, many Yellow Pages publishers offer online ads in addition to print advertising. Skip to main content. Highly Targeted One advantage of Yellow Pages advertising is that each ad is highly targeted. Highly Effective Yellow Pages advertising can also be highly effective.

    Costly A key disadvantage of the Yellow Pages is that it can be extremely costly. One-Time Shot Another disadvantage of Yellow Pages advertising is that businesses only have one shot at placing an effective ad because the book is usually published only once per year. Declining Sales In June , some Yellow Pages publishers saw a decrease in sales among their print advertisers.

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