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Bonifacius St. Most church records are held by individual churches.

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For contact information, check a phone directory, such as SearchBug or Dex Knows. Some denominations are gathering their records into a central repository. For more information about these major repositories, see Minnesota Church Records. The county register of deeds keeps land records once the land was transferred to private ownership. Abstracts and indexes for these records are generally available at the county courthouse. Local histories are available for Hennepin County, Minnesota Genealogy. County histories may include biographies, church, school and government history, and military information.

For more information about local histories, see the wiki page section Minnesota Local Histories. Civil War service men from Hennepin County served in various regiments.

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Men often joined a company within a regiment that originated in their county. Listed below are companies or regiments that were formed from men of Hennepin County.

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Additional newspapers abstracts can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Hennepin County, Minnesota Genealogy newspapers in online catalogs like:. The appeal. Saint Paul, Minn. African-American newspaper. More than 1, issues between and have been digitized and are fully searchable on-line at the Library of Congress, Chronicling America website.

Probate records may include, wills, bonds, petitions, accounts, inventories, administrations, orders, decrees, and distributions.

See Minnesota Probate Records for additional information. Residential brokers can inform their clients by presenting user-friendly property reports that include property characteristics, recent sales, property tax records, and useful property maps. You can rely on our up-to-date and accurate property data when doing your research, and all tools are easy-to-use! Commercial real estate brokers will get quick access to property ownership records, sales history, title documents, zoning, land records, permits, and more.

In several regions, including New York and California, we provide ownership contact information as well, so you can reach the right person directly. If you're searching for a home, you are probably about to make the largest purchase you've ever made. It is important to gather any available information about the property you're considering buying. We have compiled property records in a single, comprehensive property report which can provide you with lots of answers to your questions.

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How high are current property taxes? Is an increase in property taxes expected for the next year? How much did the current owner pay for this property? Were there any permits filed recently on the property indicating repairs and maintenance work? What is the official size square footage of the property? How does the home's sales history look, judging from the available property deed records?

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Use the computers in our office to search our system using any single or combination of the following fields:. Yes, notary service is available during regular business hours at the Government Center Service Center located on the A-Level. The document should be recorded in our office. Please see the Recording fees section to determine cost. Once the document is recorded, the original will be returned to you. You must record an Affidavit of Survivorship with a certified copy of the decedent's death certificate to have the records updated.

RecordEASE , a commercial service, is available for online access. Please visit our web page for more information. Torrens describes land which has been registered by order of either District Court or the Examiner of Titles. This certificate is issued when land is registered. It contains the name of the owner, a description of the land and all encumbrances, liens and interests in which the estate of the owner is subject.