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View More Advocacy Filings. R; 16 C. View More Business Education. Connected Cars - Closing Remarks. I Would Like To Used cars warranties are determined by the consumer and dealer at the negotiation stage, the time of sale of the car and can vary greatly between dealers.

You should request details of the warranty in writing, to determine what exactly is cover under the warranty terms and also the duration of the warranty period. However, warranty terms do vary. For instance, many require the new owner to re-register the warranty. Franchise dealers of the vehicle brand in question normally re-affirm the continuation of the warranty on behalf of the manufacturer under the terms of the vehicle sales contract.

It is important that the new owner clarifies their warranty rights at the time of purchase. Used car warranties are non transferable and if your car requires repairs then it should be returned to the dealer from whom you purchased the car. It is at the discretion of the dealer to provide a customer with a courtesy car, it is not an entitlement. A customer may of course hire out a vehicle if the dealer has availability. You may search our directory which contains details of all our members around Ireland. If a dealer is a member of SIMI then they will have the current logo below displayed on their premises along with the current year of membership.

There are many used car websites on the internet. SIMI has its own used car website called beepbeep. All the cars listed on beepbeep. A deposit is a payment that is made to a retailer by a consumer which indicates an intention to buy a product or a service.

The amount of the deposit and the timing of payment of the balance are a matter between the consumer and the supplier. When you pay a deposit for goods, a contract is created between you as a consumer, and the supplier of the product or service.

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If you change your mind and no longer wish to purchase the product, legally you will be seen as not fulfilling your part of the contract. You are not entitled to your deposit back if you simply change your mind. It will be up to the supplier as to whether they will refund any deposit paid. The term wear and tear items refer to item that are serviceable and will regularly need replacement on a car due to natural wear.

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For example the change of tyres, wiper blades, oil etc. Vehicle Registration Tax is chargeable on the registration of a motor vehicle in the State. All motor vehicles in the State, other than those brought in temporarily by visitors, must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners. A vehicle must be registered before it can be licensed for road tax purposes.

For more information on VRT please click on the following link.

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The registration of your vehicle is a legal requirement, it is also compulsory to have motor insurance and road tax. At the time of purchase a consumer must pay Vat and VRT. Please see the following link for more details on motor tax. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that his vehicle has motor tax.

Please see the following link for more details on NCT. Their website offers information on your consumer rights in relation to the purchase of a vehicle.

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Customers deserve the best service and the best standard of repairs when they experience the trauma of a crash repair. The CSS Certified Steel Standard programme was established to help answer some of the questions that arise for customers when they have an accident and need to have their car repaired. For more information about crash repairs visit our website page. The Society receives many calls requesting names for an Automotive Assessor. Please note we do not supply an exact list of Independent Assessors but you may find the following links helpful.

Most cars will need to be taken to a repairer at some stage of their lifetime. Generally repair costs are likely to increase as the car ages.

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  7. It is also important to keep in mind that spare parts can become more difficult to obtain as a car ages. You can help the repairer find the fault by clearly explaining what is wrong with the car and if necessary go for a test drive with the repairer so you can point out the problem as it occurs. It is important to note that diagnosing a car's problems is not always straight forward. Intermittent faults are often difficult to identify.

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    The repairer may need to keep your car overnight in order to pinpoint a fault. The repairer may also find other faults before starting repairs. It is important to keep in mind that these problems may not have been included in the original quote. The Road Safety Authority has composed a booklet outlining 12 basic vehicle maintence checks that a motorist should be aware of when looking after their vehicle. Click Here to download the booklet. Ask for a written estimate before you have any work done to your car.

    An estimate should contain details of the repairs that need to be undertaken and the cost of the work, including parts and labour. It should also include details of any agreements or promises and information about warranties on both parts and labour. Before leaving your vehicle for repairs After obtaining your estimate, you should ask the repairer to let you know if any work needs to be done on the car in the future.

    This will enable you to develop a maintenance plan. If somebody else is taking your car to the repairer, ensure that you explain what you want done. Remember, as your agent, that person will bind you to a contract with the repairer. However, it will be your responsibility to pay.