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By January , that number had increased to 2, such incidents. How--exactly--did he Consumer Sentinel data people come up with that? This happened to me just this week. I got one notice by email and two notices by snail mail that my account info had been changed. Guess what were the very first things the identity thief changed? The email address for notifications, the telephone number for notifications, the username, the PIN number, they probably also changed the address.

Take photos of your customers and scan their photo ID cards for changes.

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Makes it difficult to use a false photo ID and the store has the picture of the person the police need to look for. Then if I show up to change my account the salesmen can see my picture to verify it is me. The term "identity theft" has always bothered me. In your case, the store was tricked into accepting an invalid ID. If companies were more careful with their authentication systems, consumers wouldn't have to worry about bearing the consequences and blame for something that's fundamentally not their fault.

I'd prefer a term that conveyed fooling a company rather than victimizing a person, to make clear it's the company's fault, not the consumer's. So there's also a weakness in the number porting system. If someone gets your SSN, they call into the mobile phone company and get your account number.

Even with all the security in the world Just went through this today. All four of my numbers were fraudulently ported to Sprint. When I called my phone provider minutes after the first number was ported to report the issue, I was told there was nothing they could do to prevent them from being ported. So as the day went on, I watched all numbers on my account port away with no ability to stop them I find it astounding that there's no mechanism in place to prevent this type of fraud. My phone was tied to all my financial accounts and two factor systems. They have mechanisms in place to put locks on transfers like internet domain names How is this even possible?

It seems like Identity Theft is popular because there are so many hurdles in place to protect your identity.

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Similar thing happened to me, this week It's a little different, so thought I'd make you aware of what happened, to point out other ways they take over your phone account We can not figure out how this could have happened Someone logged into my Sprint account, online, and used the Chat feature to change my phone number to a phone that they had in their possession They did NOT purchase new phones, but they did change my plan on both phones on the account, to a different plan and added international calling We can't figure out how they could have logged into my Sprint account, as I use a password that I don't use anywhere else, and not something easily figured out But once they were in my account, they had access to the PIN and the security question Luckily, I got an email immediately, and saw it within 10 minutes, thanking me for activating my new device!!!

Sprint shut down my account and I have created a new one The concerning thing is, how they were able to log into my Sprint account, as I don't log into it anywhere else but on one computer This happened to me on Cyber Monday! I received a text from Sprint saying "your email address has been updated on Sprint. I logged on to Sprint. The irony of all of this is Therefore, I had been looking out for deals I almost dismissed the text.

It wasn't until I went to see what cyber deals Sprint had that I noticed that one of my eligible phone lines on my account said "upgrade pending. I was on hold for a very long time I only had 2 eligible phone upgrades on my account so I don't know how they let that fly. Additionally, they added an alternate address for shipping.

Now the part that is unsettling is So many things went wrong on this day Most of the Sprint reps that I talked to were nice however, some pushed it!!! I don't think that they ever factored in that I was planning to upgrade my children's phones as a Christmas present and at this point in time I don't know if that will happen.

Also, the next day Sprint's fraud department mistakenly cancelled my children's lines 2 lines.

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I didn't know about this until I found out that my son needed me and his phone didn't work. I have since been in contact with someone from Sprint's Executive Office I can get this resolved before Christmas. I am not scared of a lot of things My blood pressure is elevated and I just feel stressed out about the entire situation.

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  6. I also placed fraud alerts on my profiles. I'm not so sure My Sprint account was somehow hacked into this early this morning.

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    I contacted customer service as soon as I found out it happened. I do not know how they hacked into my account. No telling what they will tell me when I want to cancel the other line This is frustrating!!!! Is it possible for my neighbors who have knowledge of my cell from stealing my last billing statement from the mail to access or download my text messages and pictures to their personal device or view them through my account online? Or for them to also monitor when I create a new email account or social media account.

    Is it also possible for them to use my disconnected cell phone number which they have to access aol and gmail accounts registered with the 2-factor verification feature. If any of these things are possible how do I go about reporting it to the authorities without sounding like a crazy individual or being goaded in to making a false police report? I have a strong suspicion that my gmail accounts which I no longer have access to have been used to gather passwords that I saved using my Google calender to access other accounts I have.

    Should I file a report based on suspision and verbal taunts or just change all my passwords and accounts and just let it go?

    What are options do I have? Although the fraud department put the phone on a "Blacklist", the thieves still received the phone and have started using it. This is a nightmare! They have changed my passwords so I can't log into my accounts or email accounts. This just happened to me today. I was checking my account and saw that there is 3 additional lines on it that were open without me knowing.

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    You are here. What You Can Do I asked all the major mobile carriers what consumers could do to protect themselves from a mobile account takeover. What Mobile Carriers Should Do The mobile carriers are in a better position than their customers to prevent identity theft through mobile account hijacking and fraudulent new accounts. A PIN on the handset is a good idea and will help protect your phone if someone steals the actual device from you. However, it will not prevent the phone account hijacking I described in this blog post.

    That could potentially happen. All forms of ID theft can be reported at identitytheft. Ways to contact teams at Google.

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