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Pritchard said no humans were hurt in the incident, but when the Lethbridge officer arrived on the scene she was shocked to see the officer run back and forth over the injured animal twice with his truck.

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In the almost minute video, shared exclusively with Global News, the officer runs over the injured animal slowly with his truck at least four additional times. The video begins with the officer running over the animal with his front tires as the animal shrieks in pain. WATCH: Video shows disturbing incident of a police officer running over a deer multiple times with his police vehicle. Roughly seven minutes later, the young deer raises its head and attempts to struggle to its feet before falling to the ground.

The vehicle then runs back and forth over the animal twice more before stopping on top of the animal. The video ends with the officer exiting his vehicle and dragging the animal to the side of the road before driving off. It is unclear why the officer did not use his standard issue sidearm to kill the injured deer.

Davis welcomed the ASIRT investigation to identify any gaps in police policy when it comes to euthanizing injured animals.

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Davis said the officer involved will remain assigned to active duties until the investigation is completed. The agency confirmed to Global News that it is now investigating the incident, but no timeline has been given for when the investigation might be completed.

For Pritchard, she hopes Lethbridge police review how officers handle incidents in which wildlife are injured during traffic collisions to prevent unnecessary suffering. As an organization, they said they are disappointed and the video clearly depicts an inhumane way to kill the animal. A petition calling for the Lethbridge police officer to be fired had garnered more than 4, signatures by 11 p. Calgary-based lawyer Stefanie Stamm told Global News that she believes the officer in the video broke the law.

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  • Get a roundtrip of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox ever weekday. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. World Canada Local. Full Menu Search Menu. The ecology of the Sudbury region has recovered dramatically, helped by regreening programs and improved mining practices. The United Nations honoured twelve cities in the world, including Sudbury, with the Local Government Honours Award at the Earth Summit to recognise the city's community-based environmental reclamation strategies. Ramsey Lake , a few kilometres south of downtown Sudbury, held the same record before the municipal amalgamation in brought Lake Wanapitei fully inside the city limits.

    Sudbury is built around many small, rocky mountains with exposed igneous rock of the Canadian Precambrian Shield. The ore deposits in Sudbury are part of a large geological structure known as the Sudbury Basin , which are the remnants of a nearly two billion-year-old impact crater ; [25] long thought to be the result of a meteorite collision, more recent analysis has suggested that the crater may in fact have been created by a comet.

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    Sudbury's pentlandite , pyrite and pyrrhotite ores contain profitable amounts of many elements—primarily nickel and copper, but also platinum, palladium and other valuable metals. Local smelting of the ore releases this sulphur into the atmosphere where it combines with water vapour to form sulphuric acid , contributing to acid rain.

    As a result, Sudbury has had a widespread reputation as a wasteland. To a lesser extent, the area's ecology was also impacted by lumber camps in the area providing wood for the reconstruction of Chicago after the Great Chicago Fire of While other logging areas in Northeastern Ontario were also involved in that effort, the emergence of mining related processes in the following decade made it significantly harder for new trees to grow to full maturity in the Sudbury area than elsewhere. The resulting erosion exposed bedrock in many parts of the city, which was charred in most places to a pitted, dark black appearance.

    There was not a complete lack of vegetation in the region as paper birch and wild blueberry patches thrived in the acidic soils. During the Apollo manned lunar exploration program, NASA astronauts trained in Sudbury to become familiar with impact breccia and shatter cones , rare rock formations produced by large meteorite impacts. However, the popular misconception that they were visiting Sudbury because it purportedly resembled the lifeless surface of the Moon persists. Other unique environmental projects in the city include the Fielding Bird Sanctuary, a protected area along Highway 17 near Lively that provides a managed natural habitat for birds, and a hiking and nature trail near Coniston , which is named in honour of scientist Jane Goodall.

    This region has warm and often hot, humid summers with long, cold and snowy winters. It is situated north of the Great Lakes , making it prone to arctic air masses. Monthly precipitation is equal year round, with snow cover expected six months of the year.

    The highest temperature ever recorded in Greater Sudbury was From the city hall at Tom Davies Square , the city is headed by twelve council members and one mayor both elected every four years. The current mayor is Brian Bigger , who was elected in the municipal election. The city is divided between the federal electoral districts of Sudbury and Nickel Belt in the House of Commons of Canada , and the provincial electoral districts of Sudbury and Nickel Belt in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

    The federal and provincial districts do not have identical boundaries despite using the same names; most notably, the Walden district of the city is located in Sudbury federally but in Nickel Belt provincially. Both federal and provincial politics in the city tend to be dominated by the Liberal and New Democratic parties. Historically, the Liberals have been stronger in the Sudbury riding, with the New Democrats dominant in Nickel Belt, although both ridings have elected members of both parties at different times.

    The city of Sudbury and its suburban communities were reorganized into the Regional Municipality of Sudbury in , which was subsequently merged in into the single-tier city of Greater Sudbury. In common usage, the city's urban core is still generally referred to as Sudbury , while the outlying former towns are still referred to by their old names and continue in some respects to maintain their own distinct community identities despite their lack of political independence.

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    Each of the seven former municipalities in turn encompasses numerous smaller neighbourhoods. Amalgamated cities Canadian census population include: Sudbury 85, [51] and Valley East 22, The French culture is celebrated with the Franco-Ontarian flag , recognized by the province as an official emblem, which was created in by a group of teachers at Laurentian University and after some controversy has flown at Tom Davies Square since The city hosted Les Jeux de la francophonie canadienne in The Sudbury Arts Council was established in Its mandate is to connect, communicate and celebrate the arts.

    Both are dedicated primarily to Canadian art, especially artists from Northern Ontario. Theatre productions are also staged by students at Laurentian University 's affiliated Thornloe faculty, by a community theatre company at Cambrian College , as well as by high school drama students at Sudbury Secondary School , Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School , St. Sudbury also has numerous community theatre companies throughout the city, including its first and only for-charity theatre company, UP Theatre. Notable works of literature themed or set primarily or partially in Sudbury or its former suburbs include Robert J.

    Mount and Gary Kinsman. High-profile musicians play at the Sudbury Community Arena.

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    Smaller touring indie rock bands, as well as some local musicians, are usually booked at The Townehouse Tavern, while local bands play a number of small music venues across the city. The local Sudbury Symphony Orchestra performs six annual concerts of classical music. One of Stompin' Tom Connors ' most famous songs, " Sudbury Saturday Night ", depicts the hard-drinking, hard-partying social life of hard rock miners of Sudbury.

    Science North is an interactive science museum and Northern Ontario 's most popular tourist attraction [68] with around , visitors per year as of There is also a former ice hockey arena on-site, which includes the complex's entrance and an IMAX theatre. The snowflake buildings are connected by a rock tunnel, which passes through a billion-year-old geologic fault. Sudbury's mining heritage is reflected in another major tourist attraction, Dynamic Earth. This interactive science museum focuses principally on geology and mining history exhibitions and is also home to the Big Nickel , one of Sudbury's most famous landmarks.

    The city is also home to the Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums , a group of historical community museums, and a mining heritage monument overlooking the city's Bell Park. Sudbury has many trails that are used year-round.

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    The city is also home to Sudbury Downs , a harness racing track located in Azilda. The city is have a number of sports teams located in the city including the Sudbury Wolves who play at the Sudbury Community Arena. The Wolves are an ice hockey team with the Ontario Hockey League. Zig's, the city's prominent gay business, is the only gay bar in all of Northern Ontario.

    Greater Sudbury is the most populous municipality and census metropolitan area in Northern Ontario. In the census, the city's population increased to ,, a growth of 0. The median age is As the Wahnapitei First Nation is an enclave within the city boundaries, it is also counted as part of Greater Sudbury's census division population of ,; this figure excludes Atikameksheng and Markstay-Warren, which are counted as part of the separate Sudbury District.

    In the census, eight distinct "population centres", or urban areas , were listed within the city: Sudbury population 88, , comprising the main populated core of the old city of Sudbury and the neighbourhood of Garson in the former town of Nickel Centre; Azilda population 4, ; Capreol population 2, ; Chelmsford population 6, ; Coniston population 1, ; Dowling population 1, ; Lively population 5, ; and Valley East population 17, In total, these population centres have , residents, or 79 per cent of the city's total population.

    The remaining 21 per cent of the city's population live in more rural areas within the city limits for which distinct population statistics were not published separately from those for the city as a whole. Some Greater Sudbury has few visible minorities with 3. Visible minorities representing over 0.

    As of , the population of Sudbury is less educated than the Canadian average, with By the s, Inco employed a quarter of the local workforce. Mining now employs only 6, people in the city, although the mining supply and service sector employs a further 10, The top employers in Sudbury as of November include: [95]. Many retail businesses in the city have moved outside of the downtown core in the late 20th century and the city has struggled to rebuild and maintain a vibrant downtown core.

    In the s and early s, projects aimed at revitalizing the downtown core included the creation of Market Square, a farmer's and craft market; the redevelopment of the Rainbow Centre Mall; streetscape beautification projects; the conversion of several underutilized historic properties into mixed-use office and loft developments; [96] and the establishment and launch of the McEwen School of Architecture , as well as cultural events such as Downtown Rotary Blues for Food, Sudbury's Largest Yard and Sidewalk Sale, Downtown Sudbury Ribfest and the Up Here art and music festival.

    New projects underway in the late s include Place des Arts, a performing and visual arts centre; [97] the redesign and renovation of the central plaza at Tom Davies Square ; [98] and the creation of The Junction, a multi-use complex which will incorporate the new home of the Art Gallery of Sudbury , the new main branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library , and a convention and performance theatre space. Despite these efforts a large percentage of the city's retail service sector is still found outside of the downtown core, in areas such as the Four Corners, the RioCan and Silver Hills power centres on the Kingsway, and the New Sudbury Centre , the largest shopping mall in Northern Ontario with stores.

    Sudbury has an emerging film and television industry, with a number of projects filming in the city in the s. Sudbury is also home to the Science North Production Team , an award-winning producer of documentary films and multimedia presentations for museums.