Background check to find out where someone works

Employment Background Checks

These checks are often instant, or at most are returned within 24 business hours. For free, the best approach is to simply verify all information provided on the resume or CV and ask for professional references to check.

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Check business references because personal references are not always reliable. Verify employment or other important dates and inquire about work related tasks, punctuality, salary and promotions.

Can Employers Check Employment History Through a Background Check?

Fair reporting laws guarantees all information - including credit reports - which are used to make a decision are shared with the applicant, especially if the information has "adverse action" or is the primary reason they do not get the job or promotion. The Federal Trade Commission FTC provides advice and guidelines to companies who check on the background information of prospective employees. Providing this information is not only required, but it gives the person a better idea of how to present themselves in a better light in the future.

Recordkeeping and responsible filing of the information is also necessary to prevent identity theft issues. Deciding to invest time and money into checking the background of those who share our workplace or living space can be a tough call.

Forgoing these checks could allow a con-artist or unscrupulous employee access to resources within your organization or home. Weighing these factors, many companies are opting to invest in knowing the background of their workforce as a typical business practice. Individuals should consider researching the background of those who come in close contact with their family members. For example, it would be illegal to reject applicants of one ethnicity with criminal records for a job, but not reject other applicants with the same criminal records.

This is true whether or not the information was in a background report. Even if the employer treated you the same as everyone else, using background information still can be illegal discrimination.

What You Need To Know Before Potential Employers Investigate You

For example, employers shouldn't use a policy or practice that excludes people with certain criminal records if the policy or practice significantly disadvantages individuals of a particular race, national origin, or another protected characteristic, and doesn't accurately predict who will be a responsible, reliable, or safe employee. In legal terms, the policy or practice has a "disparate impact" and is not "job related and consistent with business necessity.

If you think an employer discriminated against you based on background information, contact the EEOC for further information see below. If you think that a background check was discriminatory, you may contact the EEOC by visiting its website at www. The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex including pregnancy , national origin, age 40 or older , disability, or genetic information.

How to Run a Background Check on Someone

The EEOC investigates, conciliates, and mediates charges of employment discrimination, and also files lawsuits in the public interest. For specific information on-. If an employer got your background report without asking your permission, or rejected you without sending you the required notices, contact the FTC at www. For further information see-. The FTC works to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them.

What does a background check show for employment?

Skip top navigation Skip to content. Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know Some employers look into your background before deciding whether to hire you, or before deciding whether you can keep your job. Questions About Your Background An employer may ask you for all sorts of background information, especially during the hiring process.

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