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We need to know exactly how much we have in the bucket to spend before we go house-hunting. Our adjuster did not put up any rebuttals. He seemed to understand that we know how it should work. Our questions to you are: 1. Is the payment for Code Upgrades only payable for rebuilding and not for purchasing another house? How do we go about getting an agreement on the Dwelling Replacement Cost in writing? Is there any protocol that the insurance company should follow?

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Thank you very much for your assistance. Post camp renewal with same company with increased policy.

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Should a post Camp Fire victim renew his policy. Ie no house or little personal property with the same company? Personal Property Coverage Exclusion. I live in a house now owned by my cousin, previously owned by my uncle. A fire destroyed the 2nd floor and damaged many of the items on the 1st floor. We do cover property of roomers, boarders and other residents related to an insured. We suffered a complete loss of our house in the Camp Fire. The furnishing of this is not a waiver of any rights on the part of Nationwide.

Many thanks. ALE Time? How long does an insurance company have to inspect a damaged roof claim? Third-party investigating for insurance company as scheduled repeatedly and failed to arrive for inspection. I have selected a roofing contractor but have a limited window before he schedules other jobs that will delay my repairs. Insurance response time frame. How long does insurance company have to respond?

Storm damage, state of emergency,deductibles.

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I asked my insurance if they waived the deductible on claims from the storm that went through here causing a huge amount of damage and downed trees. It was declared a state of emergency. Others told me their deductible was waived. When i asked about waiving the person on the phone said that was illegal and no one gets their deductible waived. Does a state of emergency mean the deductible is or is not waived?

Chubb won't pay extended coverage for insured who bought less expensive home out of state. I understood that Insurance code C required an insurer to pay out based on the cost of rebuilding at the location of the loss. Chubb is refusing to pay extended coverage because the insured bought a replacement home outside the state that cost not much more than the basic coverage.

This relates to the Nuns fire. I received a notice of nonrenewal from American Reliable. It is my understanding after reading CA SB that if an emergency disaster has been declared and my home is located in the burned area then the insurance company may not refuse to renew my policy for one year, or possibly two. My home is standing, but has exterior burn damage, extensive landscape and fence damage, destroyed shed, and severe smoke damage inside. Can they refuse to renew my policy? Can your insurance company cancel your HO's policy when it expires IF your claim has not been settled?

Paying Premium on destroyed house. My Ins.

Do I need to pay for something that doesn't exsist? Can I lower the insured amt so that I'm still paying for liability coverage? My home was destroyed in the Camp Fire.

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Our insurance provider, Horace Mann, is stating that the Building Code Upgrade can be used if code upgrades are required in the purchase of our residence. If my understanding of the CA Insurance Code is correct, I believe the use of Building Code Upgrade funds for the purchase of another home is allowable and not subject to code upgrade restrictions. Is this correct? Rebuilding in a new location - Camp Fire - Determining insurer obligation for new structure. Hi, The question is regarding how insurance carriers determine the replacement costs for new structures.

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After losing our home in the Camp Fire in Paradise California, we're currently purchasing a new home that is under construction in a new development in a different town using the "rebuilding in a different location" clause of our policy. This makes sense as CSAA insures the structure and not the land. The new structure is also larger than our old property by about square feet. CSAA now indicates that the new structure may need to undergo an appraisal to "further reduce the value based on what new features it has different than old property".

Am I correct in this interpretation? I am hopeful that our adjuster is just confused and needs direction from their supervisor. After the wine country fire, we sustained substantial damage to our tree filled lot. We received a payment to remove hazardous trees. We already reached our limit. What options do we have.

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We have already been paid for our trees to be removed that were damaged by the fire. Our adjuster said we were already paid the maximum. What are our options to get more money for our tree removal? My home was a total loss in the Camp Fire. I'm curious how I would go about convincing insurance to give me the extended replacement cost up front instead of after purchasing a replacement home?

It would be best for me to know I have those funds available in advance so I don't end up spending money I may not have. I also want to know how they determine if it is a similar replacement and not better than.

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There are so many variables and I don't want to get stuck paying out of pocket. Brown signed SB into law. I would love to know if the ALE extension to 3 years mentioned in Section 2, item Going above replacement cost.

We had a house fire a few months ago. Fortunately, we purchased replacement cost. That only seems fair to me. When we asked our insurance company CSAA or AAA about this, they said verbatim: "If you go over the replacement cost, we will only be reimbursing the amount of the recoverable depreciation that withheld for that item. It is your choice if you decide to upgrade an item and pay the difference.

This doesn't seem right to me. Is there precedent for this?