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Employment Verification. What is included in a tenant background check or guest verification?

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The services requested by our property management clients and property owners vary. For additional due diligence, we recommend a credit check and employment verification. Can I run a tenant background check on an applicant who is from another country? No matter where your potential tenants previously lived, you will always be able to get the info you need with InfoMart. How do I maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local laws when running a tenant background check? How long does a tenant background check take? Turnaround times vary depending on the service and jurisdictions requested, but InfoMart maintains an average turnaround time under 1.

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I only own a few properties. Can I run a tenant background check? We work with clients of varying sizes, from just a few renters to thousands of units across the country. Learn More. Looking for Tenant Screening Searches? For those who want personal guidance to interpret the tenant background report, they should go with RentPrep or National Tenant Network. MyRental reviews are generally positive. Landlords typically feel the software is easy to use and reporting is fast. There were some dated individual complaints regarding a technical issue at the Better Business Bureau BBB , but most landlords love MyRental as a tenant screening service, and it is their preferred choice for tenant background checks.

You can sign up for MyRental online and start screening tenants right away. Choose from a Basic, Premium, or Premium Plus account, or pick the individual reports you need from their a la carte menu. MyRental is the only online tenant screening service that includes an adverse action letter, making it our top choice for completing a rental background check.

Visit MyRental. This service is right for landlords who appreciate a human touch. However, it provides additional features like Social Security number verification, address history, national eviction data, and information on judgments, liens, and bankruptcies. Employment verification and criminal history are not provided with this plan. National sex offender search is included at no charge. FICO scores are provided in addition to basic information. Credit reports are a hard pull if landlord initiated but a soft pull if the applicant pays for the screening.

One unique feature of RentPrep is their live screeners where someone is manually verifying applicant information. RentPrep makes it a priority to know the laws and are proactive in complying with them, protecting landlords and property managers from accidentally breaking the law or discriminating against an applicant.

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For general questions, users can chat with a RentPrep tenant screener online. It also has a dedicated customer service line and can also be reached by email or fax. Its certified tenant screeners are located in its New York office. Automatically generated adverse action letters are not available with RentPrep as they are with MyRental, but clients have access to FCRA-compliant templates. RentPrep customer reviews are generally positive. RentPrep users report customer service is excellent, and the staff is knowledgeable when answering landlord questions.

However, there was one negative customer service review. Landlords overall enjoy these tenant screening services and report that the online content is a helpful additional resource.

Landlords can find RentPrep online at their website and start screening applicants in just a few minutes. The company prides itself on including human interactions to assist landlords with its tenant screening services. For those who prefer to talk directly with a person instead of working with full automation like some of our other top picks, they can contact the company directly.

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Visit RentPrep. Instead, it offers an a la carte menu for users to choose the types of reports they need. Each LeaseRunner tenant background check is more rigorous than its equivalent provided by the other tenant screening services. However, when purchasing all the available reports, LeaseRunner is the most expensive.

LeaseRunner is right for landlords who want to choose individual rental background checks. LeaseRunner pricing is a la carte, and landlords can select the individual reports they need. Depending on the need, single reporting can make this the least expensive option, if landlords only want to screen for one or two areas.

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LeaseRunner uses Experian credit reporting. LeaseRunner does not generate adverse action letters automatically but does supply FCRA-compliant templates for clients to use. Prison records, watch lists, sex offender information, parole and probation records, and terror watch list reporting make its criminal background reporting among the most robust of all the providers.

With their eviction report option, LeaseRunner provides a nationwide search for up to 10 prior addresses and up to seven years of information. Court actions, judgments, and property damage claims are all tracked. Because LeaseRunner reports are ordered individually, ancillary information, such as Social Security number verification or bank account data, are only available with the purchase of additional reports.

Credit reporting also provides income and employment information such as current and previous employers and other sources of income. One unique feature of LeaseRunner as a tenant screening service is there are no subscriptions and monthly fees. Instead, landlords choose the individual type of rental background check they want, pay for it, and are done. For example, they may not require a credit check but might want a criminal background check, or vice versa. It also offers free online rental application templates.

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A clickable email address is provided at the bottom of their pages. The customer service team is based in Colorado and available Monday through Friday 8 a. Mountain time. LeaseRunner is missing the affordability of some of the other tenant screening services. LeaseRunner has positive customer reviews.

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Landlords report that the staff is professional. Using the individual reports for credit and rental background checks provides peace of mind. There have been complaints regarding receiving payments using its online rent collection tool, but LeaseRunner has updated its software to create faster funding. There were no complaints about tenant screening services.

From there, you can choose which tenant background checks you want and start screening applicants.

Visit LeaseRunner. TurboTenant is a tenant screening service with a platform that allows for posting available rentals. This site is right for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers who want to screen applicants and post their vacant listings.

The applicant or the landlord can pay the screening fee directly on the site.

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If the applicants pay their own application fee, the service is essentially free for the landlord. TurboTenant is a platform for landlords, property managers and real estate agents to use to screen tenants and market their rental listings.