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The upshot was he ordered me to stand there and swear for five minutes and if I could do so without repeating myself then he would overlook any future incidents.


An impossibility of course, there are only so many swear words in anyones vocabulary. Bit of a disparity there, huh? And which one more closely resembles the people who will be voting in the referendum? All very interesting stuff! So where is their campaign funding going? Just a thought! English as a sole identity not combined with other identities , was chosen by As BT keep on about losing British identity this may not be their most perceptive move.

The sound is clear but the video is poor resolution with a seriously screwed-up aspect ratio. There is a BBC Caesar! Anyway, the play itself is everything it was cracked up to be, and more. I never saw it in the 70s, but I remember the news about it touring the country and leaving swathes of incensed and outraged people behind it. Hopefully someone can go and film it to see what lies they are peddling. Nothing has fluttered through my letterbox but I was given a leaflet in Central Station ages ago in the form of a rail ticket with Destination UK in large letters.

That really was ages ago though…last year I think. Yes website has a section for undecided voters to ask a question. I asked a question on gold reserves, would we have any and where would they come from? Obviously a too complicated question as I was completely ignored and got no response. I was also thinking of asking about setting up a Scottish central bank as all countries must have one but probably wasting my time. Although I am a committed Yes, had I been swithering the Yes resonse is hardly inspiring.

Now you can understand why YES campaigners have been saying there is a natural majority.

However, i would have sent those questions to the SNP rather than the Yes campaign. The Yes campaign is a broad church — there you will find the basics of the arguments, the general affordability of things, like defence and so on. The setting up of a central bank would be something for the SNP or the government of the day to answer obviously not going to happen at present according to the SNP but at a time in the future it could.

Gold reserves, for what the UK has left, would be a matter for negotiation with the UK government as and when Scotland votes in favour of independence. They would be thrown into the pot of assets and liabilities to be sorted out. Yes, the No campaign is clearly relying on the MSM, and also conditioning to an extent to win the referendum. The MSM either completely ignores or gives good news stories about the Yes campaign very little coverage.

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Saturday was a good example. There appears to be almost no grassroots No campaign, it really is just for appearances sake. Maybe you could become the person delivering the leaflets! Just thinking of what arguments a Better Together campaigner can go with. The referendum build up happens to coincide with a period which finds me extremely busy, both at work and at home. BT had a chap at Gourock and one other local conservative was going from place to place. I was at Greenock West from 6am onwards and the local conservative turned up at about claiming to have been leafleting surrounding streets!

He ran out of his leaflets at around 8am and left. While we were both handing out leaflets outside the station I was given one back by a commuter, he was given back four. I win!

Given that Inverclyde is Labour unionist to the core and the council is a labour conservative coalition there have been relatively few sightings of them locally. I put this down to a combination of their ignorance and arrogance.

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A work mate told me that BT were out in Airdrie last Saturday while we were all at the march. Many may feel this to be inappropriate use of the school. We have already had a succession of complaints from parents about one highly placed teacher in the school pushing the Better Together line in class. The census was conducted in March If so, this could this go in some way towards explaining the disparity between the Census and the attitudes survey as far as identity goes? I think the one thing we can be certain of is that as the 18th of Sept draws near we will see a sudden increase of all sorts of stuff.

There will be adverts in the Metro and assorted newspapers, We will see TV broadcasts and there will be far more debates and scare stories. I was amused to see the press blowback on Milliband labelled as scare-mongering. What goes around comes around. Occasional glimpses of UKOK stickers on cars, but very few. Re the Census, that was a damn good result for Gaelic. I can understand why it left an impression.

There seem to be more active groups then people are aware of. Anyway the EC guidance for the official period. Well at 50 mile radius not one event from Torlundy. At miles there were 4, Cowal Lanarkshire, angus and Falkirk. Obviously they realise after creating the clearances us highlanders have no time for them. I was gathering my thoughts for a letter but was not sure of the best way to tackle it. You can send me an email via the Yes Highland contact form. While the organisers said 30, attended, the police said 8, Who should the Scots believe?

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The cops, the fairies or the nationalists, who also promise them bigger pensions and an earlier retirement age than England? I think the PCC is worth a try, though columnists always tougher to call to account. It would just go in the bin anyway. Ive heard that people have already starting boycotting the local baker with the NO sign on his van. We had a one year to go AYE Arran Yes Event in a village hall last week and the visitors were in the hundreds, Pretty good for mid week at the end of the tourist season in a small village.

My best mate who is labour to the core says he is going to cut off his balls with a rusty razor blade in the event of a YES vote, I will happily give him the Rusty Blade secure in the knowledge that Scotland will still have a NHS that can put him together again. Even if oil is running out — and it certainly looks as though it will be over this generation of school kids working lifetimes — the vital role by-products play in plastics, materials, chemicals, medicines etc means that the very fact we have hit peak will provide a huge challenge to scientists from the next generation of workers.

Not to mention that oil producing countries are likely to be at the forefront of whatever new developments are needed to plug the vast holes oil will leave in that whole range of other goods. The modern world as we know it relies incredibly heavily on both oil and the by-products of distilling and refining it.

What kind of a dull minded, zero-ambition, cringing chemistry teacher would you have to be to be using that in a political, unionist way? Is that yours? True, there was a table, empty save for a number of Irn-Bru cans and sweet wrappers, and about three BT balloons lying on the floor underneath.

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But not a soul to be found. All out to lunch simultaneously, perhaps. Or had got rid of their merchandise already and were already off, safe in the knowledge of a job well done. But I doubt it, somehow. Meanwhile, the Yes Scotland table was well stocked with leaflets, badges, stickers etc, and the chap I spoke to was friendly and approachable, yet not forcing anything onto anybody walking past. HandandShrimp — re the BT ticket you threw away. When I saw what it said, I determined to go and ask for a doz or so for friends and family.

Ubfortunately BT stall had gone by the time we got there, and he vey kindly gave me his. I think though the ticket was used previously by SNP, and nicked by BT — no vision, no ideas of their own;-. Just a note on the archive. It also blocks the daily mail as potentially dangerous though. After all Lamont was a teacher.

Sounds like her kind of a worldview. No events are definitely being generated from HQ, not the communities. Anyway YesEdinburgh had a bit of fun when going head2head with a No event, as our Facebook report mentions:. YES Campaign — volunteers gather about 14 of us. NO Campaign — couple of them gather invisibly on the pavement. A very worthwhile outing and a unique insight into what the NO campaign seems to be about!

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Regarding the oil running out issue Cath, etc. Having flown from my home in France to be on the March and I was actually there, unlike Ms Phillips I can assure her that her figure of 8, attendees is totally incorrect. There were at least 20, on the March according to a correction by the Police Association. This does not include a fair few thousands who went directly to Calton Hill and those who arrived by the unofficial stair climb, rather than the road to the top.

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I am told by secret agents in The Police that they had planned and manned for the estimated attendance, viz 8K to They were a bit stretched with both the March and a simultaneous football match not far away considering that at the Rally the Police numbers dropped as they, presumably, were redeployed to the other public gathering where their services would be more needed. Incidentally, Calton Hill has a capacity limit for such events of about 13, so Police have had more than one problem in crowd control.

As it happened this was a family event and nobody was arrested so the Police had a nice day out before being redeployed.