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Or under the rules of the Missouri Supreme Court , mediation may be ordered by the family court Judge on issues of child custody or visitation, at any time. In order to become a mediator in contested child custody matters a person must undergo a minimum of twenty hours of child custody mediation training through a program that is approved by the court.

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In many cases, a trained mediator can be very beneficial in helping to resolve even high conflict disputes. However in order for the process to work, the parties should be operating on as close to a level playing field as possible. Each party should have sufficient knowledge of the nature and amount of the assets and liabilities accumulated during their marriage. Each party should be operating with an understanding of the principles involved in a legal custody order as well as a physical custody order when dealing with issues of child custody.

In addition, each party should have an understanding of the relevant income history of the other party. To encourage open discussion during this process, the Missouri Supreme Court Rules indicate that mediation is in the nature of settlement discussions and is therefore confidential in nature. This signature ensures that both parties agree and understand the terms that they have addressed and are willing to comply with the agreement.

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If you have questions regarding the various types of divorce that are available to you and how mediation can benefit your situation, we encourage you to contact Columbia Family Law Group, LLC. Our team is comprised of dedicated and highly experienced legal professionals who stand ready to ensure that you receive the most time-efficient and cost-effective resolution to your case.

We understand that each case is unique and we will fully develop and implement a personalized legal strategy just for you. Why choose mediation? Misconceptions About Mediation : If my spouse and I aren't talking to each other, mediation won't work. By guiding and facilitating dialogue, gathering information and clarifying issues, the mediator can guide the couple through the entire process.

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  • If I go to court and the judge hears my case, I will get a better result than in mediation. Mediation, however, allows each person to say things that they may never get the chance to say in court. It allows for complete decisions to be made about issues that are important to you.

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    Judges always forget at least one important detail. Many judges are hardened by constant bad behavior and most judges do not view the courtroom as a place of punishment. If I use a divorce mediator, I won't be able to use a divorce lawyer. This agreement generally provides for full disclosure of assets, debts, income and expenses. People come to mediators for the purpose of obtaining a divorce with less pain than occurs in litigation.

    In a litigated divorce the judge decides what is fair; in a mediated divorce the couple decides what is fair. Why isn't my lawyer referring me to mediation? Bezler Law Firm effectively helps solve problems by understanding the interests, needs, risks and options of both parties. Individuals do not necessarily have to get along in order to have an effective mediation. Mediation does not always guarantee instant results but mediation can offer the opportunity to maximize satisfactory and durable resolutions for clients.

    Our attorneys knew what they were doing when they recommended you! You were tough and straight forward — exactly what we needed! My ex-husband's parting comment when he picked up his possessions was, 'Well you sure had a better lawyer than me. If I require attorney services in the future I will be sure to consider her for representation. In addition Jodi, you have been exceptionally pleasing to deal with. I wish you all the best.

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    It was really comforting to witness the level of professionalism and preparedness that you demonstrated. Based on our previous discussions, I went in with no expectations. The fact that you were successful in your arguments was outstanding. Just wanted to say thank you!!! As always, we are so very impressed.

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    There were many times that you were able to calm me and put my mind at ease when I was thinking the worst. I truly appreciate all that you did to get me through my divorce. Our family is safe and complete because of you. We will forever be grateful.