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You can get your stolen car back fast. Also contact your insurance company when your car gets stolen. If your car is stolen while running comprehensive insurance, you can get the "car stolen" insurance payout from the insurance company. If you recover your stolen car after getting the insurance claim, call your insurance company. Please note that the recovered car now belongs to the insurance company. If you want, you can buy the recovered car back from the company staff. If your stolen car is rented, contact the leasing company after you find the vehicle is missing.

Inform them that you've already reported the stolen car to the police and ask for the car's identification numbers and tag.

What to Do When Your Car Is Stolen — Top 10 Fast and Effective Ways

Also, remember to request an incident form from the rental company and review the contract terms about the liability insurance you have chosen. If you have bought full coverage from the car leasing company, you will be covered if the car is stolen, supposing that you were complying with the contract at the time of the theft. No matter where your car got stolen, such as the dealership, driveway, garage, valet parking, or a mechanic shop, you can trace your stolen vehicle with the GPS quickly.

When your car is stolen, you should check the security camera footage at once. Security camera video recordings are one of the best ways to find your stolen car and vehicle. By checking the video recordings, you can see the car thief's clear images, and his general escape route. With these evidences, the likelihood of finding your stolen car will significantly increase. You can watch the video below to see how the Reolink RLC security camera stops a car theft. If you haven't installed a security camera for your car and home, it's time to add one.

Check your community's security camera footage if permitted. If your car is stolen in your community, such as the public driveway, security camera systems will record the trace of your stolen car. A stolen Chevrolet Silverado car owner got his car back by checking a primary school's security camera systems.

Cab drivers can help trace your stolen cars, trucks and vehicles. Whatever the situation is, calling all the cab companies in the area where your stolen car is left running or parking is definitely a good option to find your stolen car. Taxi drivers seriously outnumber police, thus increasing chances of finding your missing car. Reward is an incentive to encourage more people to join your stolen vehicle search team, which increases the possibility of recovering your stolen car.

You can track down your stolen car online via checking the parking violation.

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When your car was stolen, the car thief would park your car somewhere and then abandoned it. The car was ticketed and put into the parking violation database, which is available online apparently. Step 2. Use your license plate to check whether your vehicle is in the database.

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Step 4. Contact the police. They will search your missing car and then release it to you if they find it.


You can find your stolen car online if the car thief sells your car on the Internet. If your car has been parted out, finding who is selling those parts could lead you to recover your wheeled baby. You can use automated checking system, such as Craigslist checker, to track down your stolen car parts stolen from your apartment complex or any areas.

If you can identify parts from your stolen car, make sure that you contact the police before arranging any meeting with the seller. Car thieves are dangerous guys. Accompanied by the police, you can get your stolen car back more safely and smoothly. A vehicle identification number VIN is a unique code used by vehicle industry to identify individual motor vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, etc.

You can track a stolen car online with the vehicle identification number.

VIN not only helps you check if your car is stolen, but also plays an important role on locating and finding your stolen car. Step 1. Go to AutoCheck , and purchase vehicle history report. Enter your vehicle identification number and credit card details on the vehicle history report search screen. You will see a chronological history of the places where your car was registered, titled and serviced.

The last known registration or service should be the most recent location of your stolen vehicle. Thus you can narrow down the search range when your car is stolen, and get your car back fast. Step 3. Contact the Police. They will help you trace down your stolen vehicle with the information you provide. As noted above, if your car is stolen, the insurance company might compensate for your loss including your personal belongings left in the stolen vehicle based on your insurance policy.

So instead of immersing yourself in the sadness when you find your car is stolen, keep a record of your valuables in the stolen vehicle while your memory is fresh. Also, prepared the receipt of the items you're going to include in the insurance claim to recover your loss. Besides the above effective ways to look for your stolen car, you can get detailed answers below to the hottest "Car Is Stolen" questions, including stolen car insurance, chances of finding stolen vehicles, etc.

We make a list of "Car Is Stolen" questions so that you can get all the information you need about tracking and finding your stolen vehicles. A 1 : If you have comprehensive insurance for your car, you can get compensation from the insurance company. You need to purchase both collision and comprehensive coverage so that you can get compensation if your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged.

A 2 : If you've had the comprehensive insurance for your car, you should file a "car stolen" insurance claim at once. The insurance company will investigate the case before paying out for your loss. Car insurance companies typically have a waiting period of 30 days, before they will pay a stolen car claim, as it gives time to see if the car would be recovered.

If your car is recovered but comes back damaged, the car insurance company will determine whether the car can be repaired or is a total loss. If your vehicle is considered as a total loss, you'll get the actual cash value of your car from the company.

If your stolen car reappears after your insurance settlement, your insurance company will retain the ownership of the vehicle. The vehicle would be sold for salvage or at an auction. All in all, the chance of finding stolen car is quite high. So Keep optimistic if you car is stolen.

A 4 : It depends on the region where you car was stolen and whether you could offer additional useful clues like security camera footage for the police to find missing cars. For example, a shirtless guy was caught on Reolink security camera RLC punching the car window at the middle of the night, and thanks to the surveillance footage, the police managed to catch the guy soon. A 5 : Yes, it definitely matters. If your car is stolen or lost in the below areas, you should use the above ways to find and track your stolen vehicle at once.

If your car is one of these models, there is a higher possibility for your car being stolen. If you car is one of the above brands, you should pay extra attention to secure your vehicle from car theft. You can try the effective ways in this post to prevent car theft. These useful ways are summarized by Reolink's chief editor Yolanda, who always shares useful safety tips with her fans.

A 7 : If your stolen is recovered, you should tell the police to cancel the stolen vehicle alarm. Don't use the vehicle or apply for the plates until you are sure that the alarm has been cancelled.

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If your stolen vehicle is damaged, contact your car insurance company. A 8 :If your financed car is stolen, you'll have to continue paying for the installments while you lodge claims against the insurance company. And in case your stolen car can not be recovered, you need to pay off the remaining amount with your insurance payout.

Note that it would be a bad idea to withhold your payments as it will harm your credibility and make it hard for you to get a car loan at the best rat e in the future. Complete a Special Interest License Plate Application PDF indicating that you want to reassign the plates to another vehicle, hold the plates for future use, or release interest in the plates and pay the appropriate fees. You may make an online appointment or call 1——— to make this change.

It depends. If you have a 7—digit plate configuration, but the plate type you want to order only allows for a 6—digit plate configuration, you won't be able to change plate types.

The exchange fees vary by type of plate. The next available plate will replace sequential configurations; personalized plates will be duplicated. If both personalized plates are lost or stolen, the same plate cannot be reissued; you must make another personalized plate choice.

You may give a Special Interest License Plate as a gift.

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OHVs are vehicles such as racing motorcycles, trail bikes, mini bikes, dune buggies, all—terrain vehicles, jeeps, and snowmobiles. These vehicles are operated exclusively off public roads and highways on lands that are open and accessible to the public. They do not require regular registration, but must display an identification plate or device issued by DMV. It is not necessary to register a vehicle for both on—highway and off—highway use.