Texas divorce of felony inmate

If your marriage was invalid from the beginning, you may be eligible for an annulment of your marriage in the state of Texas.

How to File for Divorce While Incarcerated in Texas

You need to be able to show one of several legal grounds to get an annulment in Texas. Your marriage may be eligible for annulment if you can show any of the following:. If a spouse has another husband or wife at the time of marriage, the spouse can still have a valid marriage if the earlier marriage is dissolved and the spouses of the later marriage continue to live together.

An annulment has to be filed by one of the spouses, unless one spouse is underage. When a spouse is underage, a parent or guardian can file for the annulment on their behalf.

If a spouse wants an annulment because their husband or wife is unable to have sexual intercourse, the impotence has to be permanent. Only major fraud about something essential to the marriage will be enough for an annulment. File the lawsuit in the district court for the county where either you or your spouse lives.

Can a Divorce Take Place in Texas if the Spouse Is Incarcerated? | LegalZoom Legal Info

Either you or your spouse needs to have lived in Texas for at least six months and in the county where you file for at least 90 days. A link to contact information for all the Texas district courts is below. Your annulment paperwork needs to list the full names for you, your spouse, and your children. State which spouse has lived in the county for at least 90 days.

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List the date of your marriage and the date you and your spouse stopped living together. You should also state what property you and your spouse have and if you need to the court to divide it. When you file your lawsuit, get an extra copy back to serve on your spouse.

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Unlike most other states, Texas law allows spouses that want their marriages voided to insist on a jury trial. When your marriage is declared void, it is like you never had a marriage to begin with. Legally, you can say you were never married to your former spouse.

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