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Even if someone has medical insurance, the insurance might not provide adequate coverage. Out-of-pocket expenses can become staggering. A Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law will guide you through the medical end of your case. The Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers minimize the impact of an accident. The costs of injuries in the aftermath of a car accident also become exacerbated by other changes to daily life, including:. After a motor vehicle accident, people often wind up missing work, resulting in lost wages and possible job loss. On top of all the costs arising from medical bills and property damage, accident victims face the burden of higher car insurance premiums.

Dealing with an accident demands a great amount of time and effort.

The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Law in Arizona

People need to arrange for other forms of transportation. Medical treatments are time-consuming. The medical, psychological, and financial problems stemming from car accidents can damage interpersonal relationships. Even though car accident victims need support, their struggles can wind up depriving them of potentially beneficial relationships and support networks.

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Hiring an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney eases some of the burdens of coping with an accident. Dedicated legal assistance from the qualified auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law makes it easier for you to avoid mistakes that will undermine your car accident claims. Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney has brought car accident claims for people who have suffered injuries ranging from whiplash injuries to paralysis and death.

These car accidents have been caused by a variety of contributing factors, including the following:.

State Bar of Arizona :: Personal Injury Law: What You Need to Know

When people operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, the chances of a crash increase significantly. Accidents can also involve the use of prescription drugs that cause drowsiness or other side effects. The Arizona Department of Transportation reports that, in , roughly 24 percent of drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents were documented as distracted.

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  • Distractions include texting and making phone calls while driving. Speeding, failing to signal, failing to yield, ignoring stop signs and red lights, making improper turns, driving while fatigued, neglecting to use headlights, and driving in the wrong lane are among the behaviors that contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

    Roads with sharp curves, faded lane dividers, weak lighting, and inadequate traffic signals can increase the risk of a crash.

    Car Accident Lawyer

    Weather and traffic conditions also play a role in accidents. Vehicles with mechanical problems might fail to function properly on the road. Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will help you make sense of your accident. Also, your auto accident lawyers will review and carefully analyze the facts. Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Even if your injuries are as minor as whiplash injuries, let a Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law step in and help. We will take care of your car accident claims while you focus on healing.

    An accident can seriously upset your life. Your physical and mental health can change. You might find it difficult or impossible to work, take care of your home, maintain relationships, and enjoy meaningful hobbies. Keeping up with bills, insurance claims, and other paperwork is time-consuming.

    Rear-end Collisions

    You will also have a powerful advocate in our auto accident lawyers. As you deal with insurance companies, bring your car accident claims, or handle a legal dispute, your Phoenix car accident attorney will serve as your mediator. Every Phoenix car accident attorney at Zanes Law will assist you with sorting through the evidence.

    enter Police reports, photos, video footage, witness testimony, medical assessments, and vehicle inspections are among the pieces of evidence you need to collect, organize, and analyze. Your Phoenix car accident attorney will use various kinds of evidence to create a coherent picture of the accident and successfully strengthen your case.

    Your Phoenix car accident attorney will help you develop a better understanding of your accident and your car accident claims.

    Experienced Arizona Accident Law Firm

    Who is at fault? Maybe multiple drivers share the fault. Sometimes, the fault extends to companies that employ drivers or manufacture vehicles. Witnesses might offer contradictory accounts. A driver might flee the scene without providing insurance information. The experienced auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law will know how to analyze an accident and its contributing factors. Your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will give you valuable guidance. Your Zanes Law Phoenix injury lawyers avoid costly mistakes. Your auto accident lawyers will help you avoid these potentially life-changing oversights.

    It is important to understand that the insurance companies involved in your claim will create the following hurdles that your Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney will help you navigate. Each Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney sees this all the time. The adjuster wants to do this before you consult with an attorney.

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    This would be a HUGE mistake! Doing this means you are waiving your legal right to ask for any additional money in the future. Insurance companies try to get a settlement right away so that they can avoid future medical expenses. This means that if it turns out your whiplash injury is actually much more significant, you will be out of luck because you settled your car accident claims.

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    • Therefore, contact our auto accident lawyers before signing anything. Another example: Imagine for a moment that you begin experiencing serious issues a few months after the accident as a result of sustaining a traumatic brain injury TBI. If you have already signed a settlement agreement, you may be out of luck and on the hook for all of your related expenses moving forward. This is especially distressing in a TBI situation because many of the worst problems may not present themselves until at least six months after the accident. In this scenario, the injured party could end up footing the bill for medical complications such as seizures, growth hormone insufficiency and even progressive dementia.

      Arizona is an at-fault, comparative negligence state. However, being 99 percent at fault means you would only be eligible to recover 1 percent of your auto accident injury-related expenses. As you can see, this makes it imperative for people who were injured by the negligence of others to never admit fault. Insurance adjusters may attempt to trick you into admitting at least a little bit of fault as you bring your car accident claims to reduce their financial obligation to you.

      This is a common trick, and many people fall for it, especially if they do not have an attorney advising them. This is also the reason every Zanes Law Phoenix car accident attorney handles the communication with the insurance company on behalf of our clients. They will try to corner you into making a statement about the accident as quickly as possible.

      The adjuster will also ask for permission to record your statement, but this is a trap. Essentially, the adjuster is hoping to get you to say something on record that will make them less responsible for your medical bills. Do not play these games. Instead, politely decline to make a statement, recorded or otherwise, until your Phoenix car accident attorney is present. The professional, experienced auto accident lawyers at Zanes Law will guide you through the process to help reduce your risk of ending up with a smaller settlement. Our Phoenix injury lawyers have seen insurance companies do lots of dishonest things.

      Although not all adjusters will flat out lie, you need to protect yourself by not letting them lull you into a false sense of security. Being friendly and polite is a great way to achieve these goals.