Ny ny marriage certficate records

New York divorce files, however, are sealed for one hundred years.

Step 2. Mail Completed and Signed Application

The court of chancery granted divorces from to These older records are in the State Archives. A marriage license may sometimes be obtained from the town or city clerk who issued the license. Since divorce actions in New York have been handled in the supreme court for the county in which the divorce was heard.

New York Marriage Records

Counties keep land transfer records, wills, probates, etc. An index to genealogy records is available for searching at the State Archives , located at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

New York Marriage Licenses

Contact for more information about using this index. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in. The leisure pursuit of making a family tree is becoming more and more popular, as people want to find out about their ancestry. Figuring out who the founders of a local township is an original colony of the United States is enriching to the area residents.

High school and college students often need to research historical documents as part of an assignment.

Birth, Death, Marriage and Genealogical Records - City of Jamestown, New York

There are many reasons to study people of long ago, so it is of utmost importance to know the procedure by which to obtain this history. The Family Tree Involves Research If you are wanting to put together your very own family tree, then you are not alone. The subject of genealogy is going through a growth spurt these days.

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What you want to do is going to be a wonderful gift to future generations in your family line. Doing the very first steps comes quite easily. Are you aware of the basic information of the immediate members of your family? It should make you sense a feeling of accomplishment by doing this, too.

The easiest and fastest way for family members to order a death certificates is online at our website External. For death records issued prior to , please click here External.

To order a certificate, select one of the following:

An application to send for a death certificate is available at the website. Marriage records from to present can be obtained in person from any office of the New York City Clerk. Marriage records from to can be obtained solely in the Manhattan Office.

Family Court can be reached at Marriage licenses are issued by city and town clerks. Copies of marriage licenses may be obtained from the office of the clerk who originally issued the marriage license. All Rights Reserved.

Vital Records Outside of New York

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