Criminal background checks for hospital workers

What shows up on a criminal history background check?

Surprisingly, there is no federal law that requires hospitals to conduct background checks on all staff members. However, due to the massive expense of medical malpractice lawsuits and legal problems related to negligent hiring, almost all hospitals follow stringent healthcare background check procedures.

Federal Background Screening Law for Healthcare Workers

To prevent legal risk, protect human life, and preserve branding and reputation, hospitals will typically implement a mix of the following background checks. At backgroundchecks. Employment is contingent upon accurately completing all the required criminal history forms.

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Falsifying information will eliminate an applicant from consideration for employment or affiliation. All candidates with a criminal history will be given the opportunity to dispute the accuracy and relevance of their criminal background report.

HR Basics: Background Checks

A candidate who has a State or Federal criminal record may not commence employment until a thorough inquiry is completed and a satisfactory conclusion results. If a candidate's CORI reveals pending offenses, the applicant cannot begin employment until the case is closed.

The Complete Guide to Background Checks

Felony and misdemeanor conviction information will be assessed and applied consistent with applicable law. Applicants will be given a ten-day period to dispute the accuracy of the CORI report and any supporting documentation.

It is Partners' intent to give the candidate a fair opportunity for employment and in such instances, the candidates will be interviewed and the findings explained, and should court errors or omissions be detected, the candidate will be directed to the appropriate court sources for resolution. If the CORI record provided does not match the identification information provided by the applicant, the candidate will be given the opportunity to resolve the identification issue.

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Criminal information will be disseminated by Massachusetts General Hospital Police and Security only to authorized Partners representatives. No information will be disseminated outside the Partners network unless approved by governing state agencies. Skip to main content.

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