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Social Security Records for Genealogists wiki page. A death record is considered a primary source. The information on a death certificate is usually given by someone close to the ancestor called an informant. Death certificates may be filed in the state where an individual died and also in the state where he is buried. Other than the date, time and place of death, all other information on a death certificate is taken from what is supplied by the informant.

This makes a death certificate a secondary source of information for things like the birth place and date, and the names of the deceased's parents. For more information concerning death records by State see the United States Vital Records Wiki page listing links to each state's vital records page. Funeral home records are discussed in the Cemeteries wiki page. The death records of men and women who died in the military, or who are buried in military cemeteries are described in the U.

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Military Records Research Page. The bulk of the records are from to the present.

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The index provides the deceased person's birth date, social security number, state where the social security card was issued, month and year of death, state of residence at death, zip code, and state where death benefit was sent. Dates: birth date and year of immigration can be listed. Places: birth place, address to help in the search for land records, city directories, locate on map and narrow un-indexed censuses.

Names: maiden, parent's, children, spouses, or witnesses help to find other relatives that you seek. If death is listed as an accident or killed, there might be a newspaper article about the individual.

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The mention of cause of death could develop a medical family history for your family. To learn how to use death records effectively , click here. To check the availability of death records in a particular state, go the vital records wiki pages for that state. In addition you may browse or search FamilySearch Record Search.

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This is a website which posts indexes to and some images from the Family History Library vital records collection. For more information about how to search the FamilySearch Catalog for death records, go to the vital records wiki pages for that state.

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To search for death records in the Family History Library colleciton perform a Place Search of the FamilySearch Catalog under each of the following approaches:. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. United States. The NJ State Archives has released years , but no records are available after that.

Please note we are not seeking death certificates, just a death index. More recent years may exist as electronic data and, if it exists in that form, then we seek that electronic data. This was a far cry from their attitude a year ago when genealogist Alec Ferretti tried to get a copy of the very same death index from the New Jersey Department of Health on his own.

Why, we have rules about mortality data, and privacy! So very many rules! Well, this is why Reclaim The Records is constantly fundraising so that we can hire attorneys — because while the various state Freedom of Information laws are supposed to treat all citizens fairly, in practice it seems that the citizens with attorneys get treated just a little better.

Funny how that works, right? We were able to get all of the New Jersey death index records for about half of , all of , and then from to ! The files prior to are available in PDF format, each of them scanned images of typeset pages and old dot-matrix printouts.

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And the newer files from are in two text spreadsheet. But come on, who wants to sit and tediously search through spreadsheets? Your one-stop shop for everything you ever wanted to know about the New Jersey Death Index, with a searchable database of over 1. So, just to be clear, the following years of the New Jersey death index are still missing at the moment : , half of , and So we at Reclaim The Records have reached out to the awesome and helpful people at the New Jersey State Archives in Trenton , and it seems likely that we may be able to get some of the missing years of data from them , although maybe just the early years.

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But that would still leave as missing any index at all. Quite a lot! Some years of this death index have more fields of data available than other years, and it tends to get more helpful the more recent the record is.